Frequently Asked Questions is a platform where you can make money by selling products online. Obviously, there are others. What we do differently is that we take care of everything for our traders. We find products, we find suppliers, we replace orders, and we manage logistics and inventory storage. We offer you the available inventory to purchase. Then we sell your inventory to the end consumer for a profit and we share the profit with you.
Anyone over 18 years old with a US tax ID number and a bank account.

Finding the right products to sell is one of the most important steps in the process. Without a product that sells well, we won’t make money, and neither you.

Our product selection is a very complicated process. Briefly: it uses an algorithm and machine learning to identify potential products by scanning a variety of sales information from several different sales channels like Amazon, eBay, and others and finding high-demand and profitable products.

After we identify a potential product, we contact multiple suppliers and manufacturers to get the best quote for the products we are interested in. Then we place a minimum-quantity order of the new product so we can test the market first before ordering larger quantities.

Some suppliers offer us their products. We feed their data through our filter algorithm to decide whether or not it will be a superior product to sell.

Our suppliers are from several different countries (USA, China, India, and Egypt, among others) and we work only with professional experienced suppliers and manufacturers.

We work with professional ocean and air shipping forwarders to ensure that our shipments and containers arrive safe and on time with no problems.

We store portions of our products in our warehouse and at our fulfillment centers. We do not do drop shipping.

Right now, we sell on Amazon under "iRSE store", and eBay "irse-store" and at our online store We are also in the process of opening more stores on Etsy,,, and other online marketplaces.

• We believe in 100% transparency with our traders. For each product you will see:

  • Product image/s
  • Product name
  • Price to you per item
  • Average retail price per item
  • Which online stores the product is listed on
  • Sales history data for the product
  • How long it will take for your inventory to be sold out
  • How much profit traders made on this product previously
  • Your percentage profit share on the product

No, we do not charge any fees or any cost up front for our service.

We believe in a shared economy and in sharing risk and reward with our traders. We make money when you make money. Likewise, we lose money if you lose money. What you pay for is the cost of the product, shipping to us, and storage. For each item sold, we calculate the profit after deducting marketing, advertising, and shipping to the customer. You get back the cost you paid plus a percentage of the profit.

You pay for the inventory you purchased from us. The price is per item. For example:

Item cost from supplier: $8

Shipping from supplier + customs and duty: $1

Preparation and handling: $1

You pay = $8 + $1 + $1 = $10 per item

On each sales order from a customer,’s automated system calculates the profit after deducting item cost, marketing/advertising, storage cost, shipping to customer, sales channel fees, any promotional discount applied. Then you receive your share of the profit. For example:

  • Item sold for: $25
  • Item cost (what you paid ): $10
  • Marketing/advertising: $0.50
  • Storage: $0.50
  • Shipping: $3.00
  • Sale channel fees: $3.00
  • Promotional discount: $2.50
  • Total profit = 25.00 – 10.00 – 0.50 – 0.50 – 3.00– 3.00 – 2.5 = $5.5
  • Your percentage profit share is 30% = 5.5 X 30% = $1.65
  • Your balance increase = item cost $10 + profit share $1.65 = $11.65

Absolutely. Once your payment is received, you become the sole owner of the inventory you purchased.

Each product and each inventory available will be different from the others. Profit shares to you range from 5% up to 50%. Choosing which product to purchase is your decision. We always recommend diversifying your portfolio across various products, especially one or more are new products on

Based on each product’s performance and growth, the "Sold Within" period for that product’s inventory varies. We plan to buy inventory for a maximum of 6 months, no longer. Sometimes a product sells faster or for longer than we predicted. Our algorithm uses machine learning from the data every day to make better predictions.

Sure, you can, but certain conditions apply. Your inventory must pass the "Sold within Period" mark. After this period is over, you can request to receive the remaining inventory you own. Note that retains the right to refund your cost and keep the remaining inventory. Remember, we offer the product to you at cost price, and we want to avoid competitors selling the same brands or products without our permission.

• We do our best to make sure your inventory will be sold by or before the “Sold Within Period” date. In some cases our prediction is incorrect, and we have to figure out the best option for the remaining inventory. These options are:

  • 1) extend the trading period;
  • 2) liquidate (sell off at the best price we can get);
  • 3) dispose of them; or
  • 4) send them to you.

We offer you the best options available and you get to choose what you want to do.

Because we believe in sharing both risk and reward with our traders, we share the same "percentage profit share" in case of loss too. If you lose a dollar we pay you our percentage share of it, whatever that was.

Yes. Our system allows for immediate liquidation if you agree to sell your inventory to another trader who wants to buy it from you. At any point you can decide to sell your inventory back on the platform to other traders at the same price you bought it for or less. is not responsible for any loss you incur if you decide to sell your inventory for less.

No,’s business model is based on sharing everything with our traders. It doesn’t matter how successfully a product is selling - we will always make all our inventory available to traders. Also, no employee is permitted become a trader on


• You will have access to your own personal Dashboard. The Dashboard is connected to all our sales channels’ APIs and is updated hourly, so all our traders can have current data on their trading, portfolio, and cash balance every hour.

No, you can set your email notification settings to send you an email of your account data at whatever interval you prefer—hourly, twice daily, once daily, etc. "We will also create a phone app for quick access to your account."

  • We believe in full transparency, so we share with you all the information associated with your inventory including:

  • 1- Account Summary:

    How many items sold and how many items remaining

    Your lifetime profits

    Your balance (cash available to withdraw

    Your ROI % (Return on Investment) on sold units

    Your ROI % (Return on Investment) on your total purchase amount

  • 2- Information by Product:

    How many items you purchased, how many sold, how many remaining, where they are listed for sale, and links to these online stores

    Marketing cost spent to sell your products

    Inventory storage cost to sell your products

    ROI % (Return on Investment) on each product

  • 3- Inventory purchase per order:

    Which product you purchased, how many units, how much you paid

    Payment date

    Order date

    Date when your products will start selling ("Available for Sale Date")

    How long the product is expected to take to sell out ("Sold within Period")

  • 4- Sales Order details (Orders sold to consumers):

    Order ID

    Order date

    How many units sold

    Sale price per unit

    Sales channel(s) units sold on

    Selling fee(s)

    Shipping fee(s)

    Discounts on order

    Total profit

    Your profit share

    Balance increase or decrease

You can perform any of the following actions:

download any reports or data

request to withdraw your balance

add more money to your balance for future purchases

opt out of any product by offering it for sale again on RISE.onliine

respond to our notifications and offers

Each item sold from your inventory will affect your balance accordingly. You can withdraw your balance at any time (bank transfers takes 5-7 business days).’s automated system will always work to produce the best return on all products in the same way. Based on each product’s performance and market results and customer feedback, the system will increase/decrease the retail price, award or remove discounts, or increase/decrease the marketing budget to achieve the best results. is held responsible for any loss or damage to your inventory from warehousing or shipping. We treat damaged or lost products as if they have been sold, and we reimburse you accordingly. calculates sales taxes for each state and each order and collects them from consumers as part of payment.

Your profits and earnings on will be reported to the IRS on a 1099-K form that will be provided to you by Feb 15 of each tax year by postal mail and email.